Juliane Foronda (she/her) is a Filipina-Canadian artist, writer, and researcher. Predominantly through object, intervention and text, her practice is invested in notions of radical care, feminist hospitality, and traditions of gathering. Juliane earned her MA in Fine Arts from Listaháskóli Íslands/Iceland University of the Arts, and her BA in Studio Art from the University of Guelph.

table for two
A spoon is the safest vessel
Glasgow Women's Library archive research
can you stay just a little bit longer?
how to be closer
trying to tickle the sun
traces (of the entrance, the archive, the lighting, the window, the wire, the exit)
sisters, not twins
juliane foronda
articles & writing
salt collective
the first thing i look for in a party is a chair
April - July 2024: Artist Residency, Helsinki International Artist Programme
June 2024: interview with Anna Karima Wane, Femme Art Review
July - August 2024: Artist Residency, Residency 11:11, London
July 2024: Gastrofaza Food Symposium - curated by Piotr Sikora & Tomek Pawłowski Jarmołajew for MeetFactory
August - September 2024: Research Fellowship, The Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds UK
October 2024: Artist Residency, Pragovka Gallery - with Aurélie Bayad
2024: potato peels in 2HB Vol. 27, published by Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Glasgow - as salt collective

January - February 2024: Research trip to Bogotá, Colombia - with Ana Núñez Rodríguez, funded by Ontario Arts Council
Autumn 2023: NOTES ON PLAY, Creative-in-Residence project, Ontario Culture Days - public art commission on OC Transpo bus shelters, at Ottawa Art Gallery, and SAW Centre. Find all the locations of the work here.
October 2023: interview with Jagoda Dobecka, Femme Art Review
June 2023: Kreenholm Garden Residency, Narva Art Residency, Narva EE
May - June 2023: Comfort Commons and Radical Red Hots, foodculture days Biennale, Vevey CH - with stéphane verlet bottéro
holding place
the shape of the space between us
copyright juliane foronda, 2012-2023
I know about hidden things
solo exhibition at Trinity Square Video
Ontario Culture Days 2023 Creatives-in-Residence commission
look down and be gentle
Dreams and Variations